About Us

The Neighborhood Marketing System from RME can help drive a continuous flow of prospects to your business or organization. With a tight economy and increased competition, you need to create IMPACT with your prospects if you want to DOMINATE your market and reach your personal and professional goals. RME’s “Neighborhood Marketing” System provides you with a broad spectrum of effective lead generation campaigns that target the DIFFERENT prospects that live in all of your markets. Not everyone responds to the same message or the same medium. RME has identified 6 different types of prospects and can provide you with specific promotional campaigns to increase your response from each group. SEMINAR SUCCESS… RME puts the social back in social marketing. Long before social media took over the majority of marketing discussions, we pioneered the original social marketing concept – event/seminar marketing. And while others are still trying to figure out how to calculate an ROI from their social media, we know exactly how well our programs pay off for our clients. We have promoted over 400,000 events and connected millions of consumers with our clients. That experience is put to work with every new campaign we produce. No other marketing company can compare. ONE-ON-ONE APPOINTMENT SETTING… Imagine a revolutionary marketing system resulting in dozens of pre-qualified, pre-set appointments meeting you at a one-on-one lunch/dinner or at your office for an exclusive gift card. Significantly grow your business and NEVER worry again about prospecting to the affluent with our Concierge Consultation program. INTRODUCING RME MEDIA… RME harnesses the collective purchasing power of our customer base to offer high-impact marketing at up to 50% less than buying direct from local media outlets. We can deliver savings on effective direct response or branding campaigns in any market you serve. RME’s Media Solutions enables our clients to convey more effective campaigns by combining a universal message among multiple channels. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive lead generation in local markets to help our clients become the preferred financial expert in their area.