The game-changing Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) presents a window of opportunity for advisors who wish to work in the medical field.


Our speaker Dr. Vicki Rackner - physician, author, speaker, and coach - helps financial advisors increase their assets under management by acquiring more physician clients.

She draws on her 30 year medical career to help you crack the doctor code.


• Discover the Biggest Secret About Working with Physician Clients

• Learn to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Advisors Make

• Define the Habits That Separate the Hobbyists from the High Performers

• Explore What the Affordable Care Act --AKA "ObamaCare"-- Means for You and Them

• Key Components of a Workable Strategic Plan

You'll get an insider tour into the world of medicine, an understanding of how physicians think and a strategy for inspiring physicians to action.