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​You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice how rapidly social media has grown. Over the past several years, many financial professionals have looked exclusively to social media — including company pages on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, blogging, e-blasting and banner ads — to garner new prospects (and save money).

Unfortunately for them, that bet didn't pay off as well as they would have wanted. Why? Because there are certain subjects and issues that consumers don’t want to talk about on the Internet.

In fact, according to Epsilon’s 2012 Annual Channel Preference Study, consumers (your prospects) made it very clear that their preferred channel to receive financial information is direct mail.

Specifically, the survey found that "marketers can take advantage of consumers’ resurgence and interest in receiving postal mail to help differentiate their offers and grab consumer attention to increase sales. In a digitally focused world, a majority of consumers still prefer postal mail for a large portion of their multi-channel diet when it comes to receiving information.”

The bottom line?

This survey validates what I've been saying for more than 13 years: When it comes to promoting your services, boomers and seniors prefer direct mail because they feel like they are being communicated with specifically and intelligently. When prospective clients tell you how they want to communicate, it would be wise to listen.

Note: Let me state for the record that I believe integrating social media into your marketing mix is critical. But social media is best suited to support your lead generation campaigns. Remember, prospects will use the Internet to validate your value proposition and legitimacy as a financial professional.

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