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In today's competitive world, you can't wait for prospects to find you. You have to go out and find them, too. This is especially true when it comes to the Web. Having a great website is only half the battle — getting people to visit it is the other.

There are a number of ways you can drive people to your website, some more effective than others. The following strategies are creating amazing results for advisors we work with across the country.

Search marketing

Search marketing is an effective and cost-efficient way to drive traffic to your site. It allows you to be very targeted in your prospecting and set (and keep) daily budgets so there aren’t any surprises. Essentially, you set up a campaign with search engine (Google is the most common) and create ads that show up at the top of a search on a relevant topic. If a prospect in your community of Tampa, Fla., for example, was searching “Tampa retirement advisor” in Google, your ad with your message and call to action would appear above the search. This sounds simple at first, but it does have a lot of intricacies. There are so many options that it can get complicated quickly. It’s best to get assistance when setting it up, as money can be wasted if not done correctly.

Organic search engine optimization

It’s definitely important to improve your organic searchability, so that if prospects do pass over the ads, they can still find you on the Web. How do you do this? Take advantage of websites that push information to your area. Take them up on the free listing opportunity and be sure any mention includes a link back to your site. We call these “citations,” and they are a key component of major search engines’ ranking algorithms. If all things are equal, businesses with more citations most often rank higher in a search than businesses with fewer. Backlinks and company information listed on well-established portals such as Yelp or Yellow Pages also help to enhance your SEO.

Talking mail

Talking mail is a fairly new concept, but is starting to gain traction and lots of success for advisors. Advisors send out direct mailers that include a personalized URL for the recipient, which motivates the recipient to visit their own personal page. On that page, the recipient finds integrated personalized messages such as video or special offers that are directly tied into an interest of their demographic. The user is offered a variety of opportunities to digitally interact with the company, too. It’s a great tool, because it provides advisors insight on prospects’ level of interest and analytics on what messages are more effective than others.

Each of these strategies works to drive visitors to your site, but when done in conjunction with one another, the results are powerful. It is this integrated approach that allows you to serve customers both digitally and traditionally. In this day and age, you can’t afford to take a compartmentalized approach.
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