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Prospecting to ELUSIVE High Net-worth Americans


Are you frustrated with running after pre-retirees? Tired of asking your clients for referrals? Burned out from trying to constantly search for qualified prospects only to come up shorthanded?

Set Your Prospecting on Cruise Control and Have More Time to Spend With Your Family and Relax

Would you rather work a few days a week so you have more time to play golf and relax? Let go of the frustration caused by trying to do it all yourself. Relieve yourself from the burden of prospecting and do what you do best, offer great financial advice and stability to your clients.

Let the experts at RME handle your prospecting needs. We will get you qualified affluent prospects that want to sit down, one on one with you. We will talk to the prospects on the phone, we will determine if they meet your pre set qualifications, and we will set the appointments for you.

The Best Part… You show up for the pre-set appointments that called in, are qualified and ready to listen to you!

Imagine how your life would be different. Imagine if you didn’t have to hunt down every prospect. You would have prospects waiting to meet with you. Just think about how this would give you more time to spend with your family, play golf, go on vacations or just relax.

Wouldn’t you feel more successful? Your business would grow and you would be working less… is that possible??? This isn’t a fairy tale, this is reality. It’s a reality that financial professionals all over the country have discovered. It just takes you giving us a single opportunity to show you how our expert, proven lead generation system can grow your business by leaps and bounds.

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