Tom B from California did...

Meet Tom B. Tom made a career change and got into the financial services business. In 2012, he wrote a total of $180K in premium. Tom played the "internet lead game" and had absolutely no success. He bought leads, but did not have an effective process to cultivate them. As a result, he had a terrible return on investment. That all changed when he discovered iCampaignTM.

Now he's written more than 3X the annuity business he did last year (not to mention a very large life insurance case), and has a full pipeline of prospects to work with... all thanks to iCampaignTM.

Download the "Meet Tom B" white paper and discover how Tom's turned his practice around. He's not a $20 Million producer, but with the changes he's implemented with iCampaignTM he's well on his way.