Connect with High Net Worth Consumers who are Actively Shopping for Annuities with iCampaignTM

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There are hundreds of annuity prospecting programs, so what’s different about the iCampaignTM marketing system? iCampaignTM is NOT a prospecting program, it’s a


The target audience

The 55+ audience that we'll connect you with, hold three quarters of America's total wealth.

Custom Marketing Program

Every member of iCampaign™ receives a completely customized marketing system to ensure all your marketing communications are working together to build a consistent brand identity. Those pieces include B2C whitepapers, monthly newsletters, email drip campaigns, and website development.

The sales training and mentoring

We offer weekly sales training to ensure your success and give access to one of our advisors who has closed $20million annually with this program.

The “education based” sales approach

The old “two appointment close” routine is fading. Consumers are becoming smarter and this program makes you the trusted annuity expert.