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In today’s digital world, even senior market advisors are open to the danger of negative digital feedback. I recently spoke with an advisor who had a particularly disgruntled client. This client created a blog posting online about how bad the service he had was, and it quickly became the number one hitting article when you Googled the advisors’ company name.

The advisor asked me if there was any way to get rid of that blog post and the answer is … no. This is why creating happy clients is so important as a preventative measure and why having a lot of positive feedback from clients for the public to see is so important.

A recent article from states, “80 percent of potential clients expect a call back regarding their interest in services within 12 hours.” This makes sense because most people now come to expect immediate service upon expressing their interest.

According to, this is especially important with regards to wealthier clients. Wealthier clients are also much more likely to be tech savvy. This means that they have the ability to post feedback online regarding the services that they have received.

Think of your annuity practice like a being at a party. When someone you don’t know starts talking to you, you don’t walk away and expect to come back to talk to them in a couple days.

As a consumer, you likely have called in to a store before to see if they carry a particular product you wanted to purchase. What if the person answering the phone said, “Thank you for your request. We’ll get back to you in a couple days. You’re still important to us?”

You would likely call the next supply company and get your product from them. If anybody asked you about your experience, you would tell him or her about how slow he or she was and the horrible customer experience that you had.

This is no different for financial advisors. Your competition is nearby and it’s easy for potential clients to get the same or a similar product and service from them.

The client experience is a continuing relationship. Keeping existing clients is just as important in the long term as is creating new clients. By keeping in touch with your existing clients, you can help create a positive PR image. Online forums are an up and coming way that existing clients can interact with you, other clients, and potential clients. By hosting it on your own website, you control inputs and outputs and can pick and or remove posts as you see fit.

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