Business relationship building with technologyBlog added by Robert Van Arlen on September 2, 2011
Robert Van Arlen

Robert Van Arlen

Scottsdale, AZ

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The new technology in smart phones and iPad’s provide an opportunity for sales teams to take their relationship game to another level. Combine this technology with social media and you’ll create a natural competitive edge that may allow you to catch your competition snoozing. 

I’m helping my entire client base in ways to strategically position themselves as experts in their industries. Relationship building in the past took place during dinners, events or when you visited their offices. 

Today you can introduce your entire company to your clients in a way like never before. For example, technology today offers the opportunity to communicate through real-time video chat. That power allows you to truly understand your client’s opportunities and challenges that you may assist in solving.

On a personal note, social media allows sales teams the ability to build relationships that go beyond business. Although this is a new frontier and there are many legal concerns, to the upside, when strategically positioned it can lead to immediate sustainable growth.

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