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Developing your marketing assets

If you are starting any business today, one of the most important activities you must plan for is capturing contacts. Contacts are the biggest asset you have, and if you can prove you know how your contacts can benefit another business, you've developed a serious marketing asset.

I still believe it's not what you know, but who you know that is more beneficial. More importantly, it's your ability to engage the resources you know. The first step is to let them know what's going on. A consistent news campaign like this one is important to keep them at the forefront of your mind.

Strategic alliances do work

Most organizations today have limits on their marketing budgets. Strategic alliances provide the path, share in the expense and share in the opportunity.

Recently, my team has been focused on implementing training programs for advisors and attorneys. An alliance was developed with three other firms that market and service those entities. The net result is shared expense and shared opportunity.

How did we make it happen? We came together and brainstormed on marketing ideas that might help all of us move one step closer to our goals. Each entity handled one aspect of the conference, which resulted in less overall work for everyone. The net result has been new contacts and, in some cases, new contracts.

The power of trades

Events have become an effective mechanism for branding and marketing, but the challenge is controlling costs. If you have developed your marketing asset, you have the ability to demonstrate to the venue what you can bring them in new prospective clientele.

Show them your marketing plan and how you plan to exploit their visibility. The bottom line is that it is marketing dollars they don't have to spend, and it can be used as a means to help you control your costs.

The first step is to support the venue. It needs to be a place you enjoy and where you desire to build a relationship. This needs to be an establishment where you can entertain both your personal and professional guests.

I hope you find these tips beneficial to your business and your success.
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