Growing an organization's top line

By Robert Van Arlen

Senior Advisory Group

Without wasting any time, I will get to the point:
    1. Management get out

    2. Motivate the entire company

    3. Make sure your goals are specific and well-communicated

    4. Get your customers to sing about you

    5. Eliminate the non-believer

    6. Have a top line party

    7. Don't give up

    8. Let the real talent do what they do best

Management get out
If you have manager, supervisor or director behind your name, make sure you provide any contacts you may know who might be a good customer, and help generate revenue in your organization. If you are a senior leader, call your sales manager and request an opportunity to go out on sales calls. There is nothing like having your face in front of the customer. Don't try to make the sell, just let the client know you and your entire organization appreciate their business.

Motivate the entire company
Leaders today must convey the real message, but also must be positive in their outlook. Your vision and communication of what it's going to take to win has to be on-point. Create a culture of appreciation by appreciating others. This starts from the top and the bottom.

Make sure your goals are specific
Be confident in what the goal is you are going to achieve. Your communication should be geared towards a level of actualization that brings about a calmness. Don't be afraid to ask for more from people. You can get more if they see you're doing everything you can to support them. It's contagious.

Get your customers to sing about you
Your clients are your greatest asset in sales. If you truly know you are the best at service and have earned it, ask them for a testimonial — maybe even a video testimonial. This gives your sales team more bullets for their gun.