Groups Down to 2 Lives

Critical Illness Insurance from Standard Life and Accident.

- Optional Mortgage Protection Rider

- Recurrence Benefits1

- Multiple Benefits2

- Competitive Rates

1. If a Category 2 or 3 Critical Illness, for which a 100% benefit has been previously paid, recurs more than 18 months following its first occurrence, we will pay a benefit of 25% of the initial benefit amount paid for up to two (2) such recurrences prior to the total paid benefits exceeding the Maximum Benefit Amount.

2. Benefits are payable under this policy for a Covered Person from each of the benefit categories shown in the policy schedule when such Covered Person is diagnosed with a Critical Illness.

Policy Form Series SLA-CI11, SLA-CI11-GEP/GEC and Mortgage Protection Rider SLA-CIMP11, SLA-CIMPGE not available in all states. Benefits may vary by state. For authorized agent use only. Not for public use.

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