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New Year. New Markets.
Same Dependable Company.

Standard Life and Accident is Expanding into the Voluntary Benefits Market. The same great company that has delivered a solid line of individual life, health and annuity products for over 70 years, now offers a competitive line of voluntary benefits for the group and worksite markets.

In addition to real-needs cancer, hospital indemnity and accident products, you also get a powerhouse staff of marketing specialists to support your individual marketing needs, competitive commissions to make your efforts worthwhile, great systems to help you 24/7 and back office support.

We make it easy for you to sell. Contact us today for products and more information!

Be More Competitive in the Group Market.
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Policy Forms Series SL-GACAN-P-10, SLA-HI 10 and 2082 not available in all states. For authorized agent use only. Not for public use. This document has not been approved under the advertising laws of your state for dissemination to individual purchasers.

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