“Recently, I’ve been packing every seminar I host—and our six advisors are booking over 150 appointments a month. We’re doing it by helping retirees get up to $250,000 in additional Social Security benefits.”

Our featured guest, is a renowned economist and professor at Boston University. He is a frequent contributor to Bloomberg, Forbes, Kiplinger, and PBS and is one of America’s foremost experts on Social Security. Dr. Kotlikoff will present the basics of Social Security and Karlan Tucker will demonstrate, live, the exclusive seminar that’s generating over 150 appointments each month for our six advisors. These seminars are packed with prospects and cost us next to nothing to put on—we don’t even have to offer food!

You only need an insurance license to use this system. Don’t put on seminars? No problem, we’re able to help you generate a steady stream of prospects from the 7 million people searching the web for Social Security help every month.

This once-a-year, once in a lifetime event will be held February 6th-9th at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, located right on the waterfront.


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