Sell to Affluent Seniors with Confidence Using this FREE CD

We've recorded an hour long conference call, featuring Dr. Kerry Johnson and Karlan Tucker and we're making it available to licensed agents at no cost.

During the first 30 minutes of this free CD, Kerry reviews information vital to agents working in the senior market - specifically those working with (or hoping to work with) affluent seniors. During the second half of the CD, Karlan shares his process for delivering a successful seminar to the affluent and how he generates referrals.

Listen to this CD while in your office, on the way to your next appointment, or when you have some free-time at home.

While listening to our CD, you will learn the following:

• Who the affluent seniors are and what their biggest needs are.

• How to find these prospects.

• How to get them to meet with you.

• What type of seminar presentations motivate them.

• How to ask them for referrals.

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