Part 3 of the FIA Point of Sale Tool Series: Show Clients and Prospects How To Avoid A Big Mistake

It’s very likely that everyone you interview these days has lost money in the market recently. Many are either scared to do anything but move their money into extremely safe and low yielding products like CDs, or they simply wait out the market correction.

With this easy to present flyer, you’ll be able to demonstrate that prospects shouldn’t be afraid to make a “little mistake” to avoid making the big mistake.

Case Study:

• To make up for a potential 9.1% missed opportunity – your prospect’s account will be credited 10% immediately.

• With the FIA, your prospect can lock in the equivalent of a 12,000+ DOW and still participate in the future growth of the stock market.

• All future gains are locked in automatically on an annual basis and then become their new starting point for the following year.

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