We’re bringing our Smarter Social Security Summit to Phoenix, Arizona!

Participate in our Smarter Social Security seminar performed live.

See the Social Security presentation that enables you to sell annuities, life insurance and managed money.

Discover the powerful materials within our Social Security seminar suite.

Conduct ZERO-COST seminars that fill the room and then book up to 80% of the households into appointments.

View your custom agent website and learn how it captures appointments for you.

Just how powerful has Tucker Advisor’s Social Security suite been for our retail team?

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff is a renowned economist, professor at Boston University, and contributor to Bloomberg, Forbes, and PBS. Together, Dr. Kotlikoff and Tucker Advisors developed a simple solution to a complex problem. We can help maximize your client’s Social Security income - enabling them to get up to $400,000 more in Social Security lifetime income.

April 26th is approaching fast, and our Summits fill up quickly.

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