Keep it simple: Perfect your product

By Karlan Tucker

Tucker Advisors

There isn’t any question or objection you can throw at me about the product I am presenting that I can’t answer. Having the answers builds confidence — first in me, and then in my prospect. This makes them comfortable when making the buying decision.

Keep it simple and remain focused. Know the product and company that you are selling. If you concentrate your efforts on one or two products, then you can study those until you can answer every question and objection that comes your way.

Remember: When it comes to presenting, less is more. Shorten your presentation and deliver your most compelling information clearly and concisely.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale early and often — and with confidence.
  • Know the product you are selling. And know the answers to your prospects’ objections before they even ask.
If you can deliver this to your clients and prospects, I am confident that you will see your sales increase dramatically.