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Fran Tarkenton

Atlanta, GA

Joined: February 10, 2006

About Me

Name: Fran Tarkenton
Job Title: CEO
Company Name: Tarkenton Financial Biography: Some of you might recognize me from the NFL, but above all, I am an entrepreneur. I've been building businesses all my life. In fact, I got my first insurance license in 1959.

Since 2003, my family and I built Tarkenton Financial, a boutique IMO, by serving the real needs of seniors and the financial professionals with whom they work. At that time, I saw so many of my senior friends hurt by the dot-com bust, and none of them had a real plan to avoid running out of money in retirement.

Our mission as a company is as relevant now as it was then: to serve seniors by giving them essential information about retirement planning and showing them all of their options. Knowledge is power.

At Tarkenton Financial, we do this through a select group of financial advisors and insurance professionals. We’re not interested in hiring an army of thousands. We work with around 200 producing professionals who want to work with us as much as we want to work with them. Everyone who joins our select team is more than just a number or a file; they become our friends and family.

So if you have high goals and aspirations for your business, if you want a partner who is hands on, responsive, and truly cares about helping you realize your potential, we’d like to talk with you.

At Tarkenton Financial, you're never one of many. You're one of us.


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