About Us

The first Financial Marketing Organization you can call home.

Our mission is to bring advisors together, to connect them to the support and the services they need, and to unite them with other like-minded advisors who share the same passion and dedication for excellence in our field. Most importantly, however, is our unwavering dedication to you, your success, and our never-ending mission to ensure that we are the first, and last, FMO you will call home.

Who Chooses to Work with Us?

Smaller Volume / Newer Advisors

While many FMOs choose to focus strictly on “Elite Advisors” and ignore all others, we pride ourselves on supporting advisors who may write less volume each year, or advisors who are on the newer side in our industry. You get the industry’s best training, access to our exclusive systems, and great support.

Large Volume / Experienced Advisors

We have extensive experience working with some of the best advisors in our industry. Whether you write $3 Million per year or $30 Million, one promise we can make you is that you’ll always get the services you are looking for, the support you really need, and the appreciation you really deserve.

Multiple Producer Offices

Many advisors in our industry have multiple producer offices – whether it’s working in conjunction with another advisor or whether you have sub-agents working directly for you and your business. Regardless of how you are established, we have the training, systems, and services necessary to help you grow.

Insurance Hierarchies / Agencies

If you have an insurance hierarchy or agency – big or small – and are finding it difficult to recruit, train and grow your business – you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We can help you significantly increase your revenue by providing you with industry-leading programs, systems, recruiting and training support.

Broker / Dealer Institutions

We have experience working with many Broker / Dealers. If you are looking for more than just an ‘outlet channel’ for insurance production, and would prefer an institutional relationship that can really help your advisors grow their business and provide additional revenue to your firm, give us a call today.

Other Financial Institutions

Whether it’s banks, credit unions or any other organization with a field-force looking to provide cutting edge annuity, life and LTC insurance products – we are here to help you grow. Our training, service and support is second to none, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to accelerate your business. We Help Advisors Create a Powerful Business Machine – Marketing, Sales and Practice Management

When you successfully combine the three most important components of your business—marketing, sales and practice management—something magical occurs. The powerful, business generating machine you’ve always dreamed of comes to life right before your eyes. You’ve got all the appointments you need, you can close nearly every one, and your office runs smoother than you ever thought possible. It’s real, it can happen to you, and we can show you how.

Sales Coaching Straight from the Sales Guru Himself

United Advisor CEO Steve Lewit is today’s consummate sales guru and coach. Through his New Science of Selling system, Steve has eliminated all the old school traditional selling myths that actually undermine sales and which are no longer appropriate for the modern age and the modern client. Instead, Steve has created a new paradigm of selling—a paradigm that is dynamic, empowering, efficient and which requires no “selling” but closes more sales. Steve’s Lewit Letter is read by over 6,000 financial professionals nationwide.