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“Why 99% of Sales & Marketing Systems Fail”


Today’s world is far more complex than it used to be. Sure, in the past everything was simple. Including your annuity sales! You only had to show your client the 2-page annuity application and say “sign here.” But times have changed. Clients are less trusting. They are wary of “salesmen” and “old school” selling techniques. In fact, most salesmen turn off more prospects than they actually attract.

While old school selling can still work in some instances, it is cumbersome and outdated. It almost always creates more problems than it solves. Today’s society is totally different than the society in which traditional selling was conceived and developed.


Your choices come down to this… do you keep doing what you have always done, or do you choose a new, more unknown direction which – although seemingly uncomfortable – is exciting and fresh?

In other words - is status quo really an option for you?


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