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Today it is possible to make more sales, with greater ease and satisfaction, and never have to "sell" again.

So, you’re in sales. Right?

That means, by definition, that your job is to persuade people to buy.

OK, so great salespeople are then, by definition, great persuaders. And, by definition, to be a great persuader, your job is to succeed in convincing somebody to do something, especially by reason, pleading or coaxing. So, is that what you do for a living?

Well, if you’ve been trained in old-school, traditional selling techniques, then that is exactly what you do. While these traditional sales methods do make sales, they are old, personally unrewarding (making money isn’t everything) and seriously out of date. Think of old-school manipulative selling like driving an old car: It will get you there, but what a lousy ride.

Most selling professionals continue to use these traditional selling techniques because they just don’t know any better, or they think the techniques they have learned in recent trainings are more current when, in actuality, it is the same ole speak disguised in modern words.

Today, it is possible to make more sales with greater ease and satisfaction, and never have to "sell" again.

But first, you have to develop a non-selling "selling" mindset. Making sales without selling is a remarkable system for these core reasons:
  • It requires absolutely none of the old-school manipulations you now believe are necessary to be a top producer and is therefore much more rewarding both personally and financially.

  • Unlike old-school selling, this strategy automatically eliminates all the landmines that could derail your sales and, at the same time, delivers predictable results — nothing is left to chance.
Developing a non-selling "selling" mindset requires a rewiring of your selling circuitry. That means setting aside everything you have ever learned about selling. This is a lot easier to say than to do. If you can, here’s what you will discover:
  • No persuading. If you stop trying to persuade people, you will find that they are able to persuade themselves.

  • No closing. If you throw out the idea of closing you will find that you will avoid many of the problems that attempting to close actually creates, and that clients do not need to be closed — that they are perfectly capable of closing themselves.

  • No pushing or coaxing. If you could stop pushing, coaxing and trying to convince clients to go in the direction that you think your sales calls should go, then you will find that clients, instead of resisting you, will actually push you in the direction you want them to go.

  • No creating plans. If you give up the idea of creating plans to present to your clients then you will find that your clients really know what’s good for them, and planning will become a collaborative effort where your clients actually take the lead.

  • No trying to get clients to buy. If you give up the idea of trying to get your clients excited and to say yes about a lot of little things in the hope that they will say yes to the overall sale itself (they rarely do) and, instead, try to get your clients not to buy, you will find that your clients will reverse roles with you by trying to convince you that indeed they should buy.

It’s impossible to rewire your selling tactics all at once. First, you must believe there really is a benefit. It may be difficult to accept that someone like me really does sell this way. Second, you need the tools which will support your new circuitry. And finally, you need the fortitude to step into a discomfort zone and let go of the tried and true which has served you fairly well in the past, but has no longevity for the future.

Personal and professional growth and change take time to root in our consciousness and then in our actions. Non-selling "selling" is a mode of being that truly puts the client first and in the center of the process. You, the sales professional, then sit back and watch as your client persuades himself, answers his own objections, finds his own hot buttons, gets himself excited, formulates his own plans and ultimately closes his own sale.

Perhaps that sounds too good to be true? Perhaps this is just a lot of hype? It’s impossible; can’t be that easy ; too over the top, or something like that? Well, think again. This is how I sell day in and day out –every sale is a cherry pick, and I come home energized, fulfilled, and definitely a little bit wealthier.

Don’t wait! Run away from old-school selling. Give yourself a real chance of escaping caveman tactics and the ability to step into the modern world as non-selling "selling" professional.
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