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You know it and I know it. If you’re an annuity specialist, you don’t like writing life insurance. You also know, and I also know, that you are leaving a small fortune on the table.

Remember, I’m on the front lines just like you. I was brought up in the annuity business and I have the same fears you have. But, here’s the difference: I’ve figured out how to get past my fear and enjoy supercharged gravy revenue by adding life insurance into my planning toolkit.

This month will be my best month ever and there is absolutely no reason you can’t do the same. Just look at these numbers: First of all, twice a month (at least) I write a life case worth a minimum of $10,000 target; that’s just under $20,000 of gravy revenue each month; $240,000 per year. I’ve been been doing this now for a little under two years. Of course, I’ve had bigger months and smaller months. This month is a monster month.

This month I am submitting two cases which have been pre-underwritten and will definitely go to close; the first is for $120,000 target; the second for $78,000 target. When those place I will receive about $200,000 in commission. But that’s only half the story. I am using annuities with lifetime income riders to fund the life premiums, a total of $3.5 million in annuity volume, generating another $210,000 in commission.

If you’re adding that all up in your head let me help: total commission of $410,000.

Today, I’d like to share with you how I changed my selling headset and moved my business to a whole other level by incorporating life insurance into it.

I had a number of fears about selling life insurance, mostly derived from other annuity specialists who couldn’t get to first base writing life insurance.

1. Most of my clients, mostly seniors, had built-in negative attitude towards life insurance. I used that fear as an excuse by saying to myself that it wasn’t worth it to deal with that negativity.

2. Most of my clients could not get through underwriting anyway, was another excuse I relied upon to keep me from getting involved.

3. My biggest fear was that I would lose an otherwise sure annuity sale by adding a layer of complexity and running the risk if my clients did not pass underwriting they would then not buy the annuity.

When a sales professional has fear about anything, he or she will run from whatever it is. That fear seems to always translate into what I call "junkmind." Junkmind is a mind that is full of junk ideas, ideas that create fear from the imagination rather than from experience.
,br> The fact is, while I thought all of these fears were real fears, it turns out that they were just projections of my imagination nurtured by an overall annuity sales consciousness (also based on imagination) that if you are in the annuity business you should stay as far away as possible from life insurance because its inherent dangers will jeopardize your annuity business.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fear, whether imagined or real, freezes action and confuses thinking. If you get a client whose fear cannot be relieved, then that client will not make a move and you will lose the sale; likewise, if you have fear about selling life insurance, you will stay in your safe zone of annuities and leave all that possibility behind. So, the question is, how do you conquer your fear?
1. Recognize that your fear is based on your imagination

Ask yourself this question: Is my fear based on real world experience or based on what I’ve heard or made up in my own mind? If you haven’t spent considerable time trying to incorporate life insurance into your business, your fear is imagined, based on input from other agents; input which is typically very negative.

Imagined fear has no basis for existence other than the energy you give it. To move beyond imagined fear, you must get experience. You must be willing to move forward into the unknown and take a risk. If, however, you follow my suggestions here, you will find that the risk is minimal and the reward is great.

With experience as your ally, instead of imagination, you will find that many of the fears you now have will simply evaporate, and do so very quickly.

2. Develop a specific life insurance strategy which you know inside out

Many financial professionals I coach say that they feel unprepared or do not know enough about life insurance, and for good reason. Life insurance can be very complicated.

To get by this fear, you need to focus on one area. I focus on the area of rolling IRA money into life insurance. This is where most of my sales come from. I have become so expert at this that now I roll lots of other things into life insurance, including many existing annuities.

While I will cover my strategies in detail in part two of this series, the point is this: If you begin by understanding just one concept and if you are associated with a reliable coaching source, then you will find that the fear you now have is totally irrational and just imagined.

3. Don’t do it alone, find a good coach and system to follow

OK, you’ve decided to learn one strategy and go out and seek real experience upon which you can make your judgments. Great! But, if you try and go it alone, your own imagined fear will do it’s very best (and it is very adept at it) to undermine your efforts. In other words, you will self-defeat yourself.

A good coach with a good system will, in a big way, save you from yourself, from your imagined fear. A good system will give you a singular selling road to follow which, if things go wrong, gives you the ability to backtrack, discover what went wrong, and give you the necessary tools to fix it.

The combination of a good coach and a good system will get you to a point where you realize that writing life insurance is not only a big revenue producer, but also a big generator for larger and more frequent annuity sales.


Junkmind about life insurance has created an imaginary selling barrier that is limiting the sales of most financial professionals. The cost is huge; hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales. In part two in this series, I will share with you the specific strategies that have allowed me to replace my negative imaginary fears with positive, revenue producing, real life experience.
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