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Name: Matthew W Dilday
Job Title: Director of Marketing
Company Name: ALB Marketing Group Biography: I am the Original Marketing Maverick- For the past 12 years, lead generation, seminars and preset appointments have been my specialty. In 2004 I started as the marketing director for a marketing company called Cold Solutions. Loved it it or hated it, Cold Solutions was the first In-Home Preset Annuity Appointment program. As the marketing director, Cold Solutions was the #1 marketing program for Gameplan Financial and a variety of other FMO's. At its peak, Cold Solutions generated over one hundred and twenty million of fixed annuity premium in just under 18 months for Game Plan Financial. Our success was instrumental in the growth of Game Plan Financial and ultimately lead to its purchase by The Allianz Life Insurance Company. Cold Solutions sent a variety of postcards explaining the importance of understanding surrender charges and this type of marketing helped pave the way for a lot of the different types of fixed indexed annuities offered today. After Cold Solutions, I started my own direct mail marketing company- UFS Marketing LLC. In addition to direct mail we also generated leads through email, websites and other social media outlets on the internet. We also provided training and development opportunities including a national sales and management team to work with insurance agents to take their production to the next level. In 2014 I sold UFS Marketing LLC to the Puritan Financial Group in North TX. Puritan has benefited from the tremendous success of all our marketing efforts since the Fall of 2007 and they continue to utilize our one of a kind marketing programs. At present day, I am the Director of Annuity Marketing for ALB Insurance LLP. I have brought my skills and expertise to take ALB's annuity marketing to the next level. We offer a variety of proprietary marketing programs that generate top annuity commissions for all of our producers.
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