About Us

Our Philosophies

Many producers tell us that what makes USA Tax & Insurance Services different is the camaraderie shared among our producers and staff members. Many have formed supportive, lasting friendships through the years. This is an important part of staying motivated in business and life – having peers to share excitement with when things are going well, and to be supportive when they are not.

Our exclusive territory policy is imperative in maintaining those positive relationships. While producers may compete against each other for awards and rankings within our organization, they are not competing for clients or business. This allows the freedom of idea sharing and open-door peer mentoring that defines our producer relationships.

USA Tax & Insurance Services highly recommends that all producers become licensed to offer a complete range of products, becoming complete retirement advisors. Our Life Insurance Division and our Managed Money Division, American Investment Services, provide the opportunity for producers to work with a much wider range of clients and obtain assets under management, for an ongoing income stream and more long-term value for their businesses.

The USA Tax Vision
USA Tax boosts earnings performance by connecting an elite team of proven financial professionals with innovative approaches.

USA Tax Attributes
Optimistic — Envision financial opportunities in the economy ahead
Competitive — Pursue opportunities to expand business
Excellence — Commit to continuous improvement
Independence — Demonstrate strength to move forward boldly
Perseverance — Dedicate to achieve lofty goals