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Information overload has reached a critical level.

Sociologists tell us that over the past twenty years our lives have become much more complicated, more hectic and more harried than ever before. We have more than 20 times the duties and responsibilities than we had 100 years ago. And we have 20 times more intrusions and distractions than we had even 20 years ago.

But cognitive scientists and behavioral psychologists have concluded that the human brain has not yet evolved enough to handle the onslaught of information vying for our attention.

Which has a direct impact on selling insurance.

Television, radio, Internet, email, smartphones, instant messaging, and social media have all accelerated both the quantity and the speed at which information comes at us. So our brains are overwhelmed with thoughts and information — all day long.

And it's difficult to shut it off, even when we are ready to sleep — which is why insomnia is now epidemic. Consequently, we feel stressed, rushed, never "finished.” We find it difficult to slow down and relax, or to focus on one thing at a time. So we are constantly "multitasking" in order to get it all done.

But multitasking is not as productive as you might think. Contrary to popular “wisdom" … a recent study at Stanford Research Institute discovered that we really don't have the ability to multitask — because our brains don't actually hold more than one thought or focus of attention simultaneously. What our brains are really doing is juggling multiple tasks, thoughts and attentions — quickly alternating among several, with the perception that we are doing them all at once. But the result of all this juggling, is that we are not really paying enough attention to any one of them very well.

Each task is only getting partial or temporary attention

So we jump to conclusions and assumptions, based on partial or incomplete information, or without careful thought regarding the ramifications of our decisions. Consequently, we often make bad or wrong decisions — mistakes and errors in judgment or assessment –—just like our clients, prospects, leads and referrals.

They say "no" before they "know"

Which is why people often object to their need for the insurance or annuity you propose. Because they simply are not focused enough on what you say or ask them to read. So they do not listen or read carefully enough to understand the need or the problem they have.

You think they process every word or thought you express — but they don't. It's simply a failure to communicate effectively — based on their mental inattention and distraction. That's why it is absolutely imperative that you slow your communication down, and help people to focus on what they need to know.

We all need to become more deliberate in both the way we listen to, and speak with, our clients and prospects. Which often requires repeating the same message or information several times before we can be sure that they "get it.”
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