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Videos — an effective way to communicate

Recent surveys have shown that 5 in 6 people prefer to watch videos, rather than read pages of text, listen to a sales pitch, or click through PowerPoint slides. This makes sense — video is a faster, easier way for our brains to process information.

In fact, clinical studies of communication psychology have proven that people are 68 percent more engaged by video than they are by text. Additionally, they are almost twice as attentive when watching a video compared to when they are asked to read.

That's why video can be so much more effective at selling the need for life insurance. If you don't feature life insurance sales videos in your current selling process (including your website, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and your email correspondence) you're not communicating the need for the products you sell as effectively or efficiently as you could be.

Insurance videos are sales tools – not website content

Insurance videos are not something you put up on your website to simply inform or educate visitors. These videos are life insurance sales tools that help you sell to more people, faster and more easily. This means that you need to incorporate them into your sales process by asking people to watch them.

It's not enough just to put them up on your website, or publish them on YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn, because people need direction. If you do not deliberately and consistently ask people to watch your videos, they will not watch them, and you will lose valuable sales opportunities.

Neurolinguistic insurance videos

Of course not all videos are equally effective at selling the need for life insurance. Videos that use scientifically proven neurolinguistic communication techniques to simply and clearly explain both the problem and the solution will be more effective.

One way to improve your life insurance sales is to simply ask all your clients, prospects, leads and referrals to watch a five minute video and let the video sell the need for you.
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