Selling fixed annuities faster and easier with videos

By Dan Vinal

WebPrez Insurance & Annuity Videos

If you're selling fixed annuities, and you're not using videos in your sales process, you're missing out on a proven way to engage the interest of clients, prospects, leads and referrals.

Studies have shown that five out of six people prefer to listen to and watch videos over reading text, listening to a speaker or clicking through PowerPoint slides.

That's because audio/video is easier to comprehend, can tell a more interesting story and make a more compelling impression. And when done by a third party (not you) videos are subconsciously perceived as more objective, credible and trustworthy.

Selling fixed annuities through seminars or workshops

If you conduct seminars or workshops to engage prospective clients, there are three ways to use videos within your current process:
  • In the invitation: whether you advertise your invitation or send it out by mail, you can feature a video as an example of what will be discussed or explained in your presentation, which can intrigue people to sign up.

  • in the confirmation: when you confirm someone's reservation, by phone or by mail, you can ask them to watch a video. Again, as an example of what you'll be discussing in the seminar, which can create expectation and anticipation and consequently increase attendance.

  • in the seminar: videos can also be used to introduce a topic or concept to your audience, which is an excellent way to keep people focused and attentive, while also getting everyone on the same page.
Selling fixed annuities to leads or referrals

If you buy leads or solicit referrals from clients or other professionals (like accountants and attorneys), there are two ways to use videos within your current sales process:
  • instead of calling your prospect to set up a face to face meeting, or to discuss their need or interest, you simply ask them a question: "If I send you a short five minute video on (topic or concept) by email, will you watch it?"

    Because they will be relieved that you are not trying to sell them anything, almost everyone will readily agree to watch a video on their computer, in the privacy and convenience of their own home.

  • when you do meet with someone in their home or office, you can ask them to watch a video right on your laptop computer, which makes it easy to begin the sales process.
A video will quickly and easily get your prospect into productive dialog, and typically elicit questions that you can develop into a purchase decision.