Insurance sales: Are you offering retirement insurance?

By Dan Vinal

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​A different way to introduce the purpose of annuities

Here's a simple insurance proposition to share with everyone between the ages of 45 and 65.

This proposition is best shared in the form of a typewritten letter, that you sign and address by hand, and send out in a stamped envelope.

The proposition is retirement insurance. And almost everyone needs it, which means that there is no excuse for not telling everyone about it.

In fact, as an insurance agent, is it not your professional responsibility to inform people of various types of coverage they might need? And to let them decide if they want it? So here's a short, but honest and professional way to introduce retirement insurance to anyone.

A personal letter of introduction
    Are you familiar with retirement insurance Bob? Probably not, because most people don't know that it even exists.

    But with market volatility, economic inflation, and tax rate uncertainty – retirement insurance is (without question) critically important to your financial security.

    Because insurance is all about mitigating economic risk and protecting the financial value of assets – right?

    That includes all the economic risks to your retirement assets as well as the financial value of your retirement income.

    There are two basic types of "retirement insurance" available today:

    • One that protects your retirement savings from current taxation, inflationary devaluation, and market losses,
    • and one that protects your retirement income from reduction or depletion – regardless of how long you live.
    So Bob, if you would like to learn how retirement insurance can help you protect the growth of your savings and the income you derive from your savings, call me.

    P.S.: If you would like to know who I am, and how I help people like you insure their retirement, please visit my website at
Follow up each letter with a phone call

Typically fewer than 1 in 10 will call you, but that does not mean they are not interested. It is normal for people to procrastinate, or be too shy to initiate the call. Do not underestimate the average person's reluctance to pick up the phone and call a stranger – especially an insurance agent.

So even if you do not get a call from them, you should call each one three days after mailing these letters.

Ask if they would watch a short video by email

When you talk with someone on the phone, the easiest way to get them engaged and help them to trust you is to simply ask this question:

"Bob, if I send you two short videos by email, to explain retirement insurance and how it works, would you watch them?"

Almost everyone will agree to watch at least one video in the comfort of their own home, without needing to meet with you first.

Then ask for their email address (permission) and send them a short message with a link to your fixed indexed annuity and/or withdrawal guarantee rider videos.