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The investment world is in flux. Your world is in flux, too. The confidence we once had in designing profitable portfolios for our clients is waning. Our clients’ confidence in meeting their retirement goals is waning. Is it time to define yourself with new investment tools … maybe even redefine yourself?


Today’s economic climate offers different challenges for retirement saving. Your clients are at a new stage of their lives and their retirement saving plan should reflect what is most important to them now. For all the unknowns, they still envision a retirement that’s financially secure and comfortable, and fixed-index annuities can get them there. WealthVest Marketing distributes guaranteed annuities that address the needs of your conservative clients.


Along with the fixed index annuities, WealthVest Marketing is pleased to offer Secondary Market Income Annuities. The secondary market refers to the resale of an existing annuity contract or lottery payments, where an insurance company or the state lottery commission (the Payor) guarantees a future stream of payments. When individuals are awarded an annuity from the settlement of a lawsuit (such as a personal injury award) or they win a state lottery, they are often not in a position to wait — or cannot afford to wait — years for their entire payout. As a result, the Seller can elect to sell the future payment stream in exchange for a lump sum payment today. The Buyer purchases the existing annuity and its unique income/payout structure for a given price, which defines the Buyer’s annual rate of return. Secondary Market Income Annuities (SMIA) offer several distinct benfits, due in part to their categorization as “safe money.” This label stems from the fact that the annuities are structured payment streams over a defined period of time that provide a fixed rate of return. Moreover, SMIAs are backed by only the highest rated insurance companies, as determined by Standard & Poor’s Claims Paying Ability rating system. The most distinct benefit offered by SMIAs is their extremely high rate of return. When compared with other fixed annuities, immediate annuities, or bonds of similar credit quality, it becomes clear that SMIAs provide a significantly more attractive rate of return. This might seem strange, but don’t forget: Sellers sell their payment streams at a discounted rate. The end reslut? A much higher yield offered to the lucky Buyer. Currently, thisnumber ranges from 4.5% to 7.5%, depending on the specific structure of the SMIA.


But, we do more than that –


We help you connect with your clients -- with an approach that unveils new money and misallocated money. We specialize in preparing you to meet your clients’ retirement income goals. Are you a Retirement Income Specialist? Let us help.


WealthVest commitment to delivering innovative marketing tools, an unsurpassed support system, and intellectual capital make the best financial advisors even better.WealthVest provides a library of proprietary multi-media tools to advisors to make sharing information even easier. WealthVest is pleased to offer unique access to thought leadership – monthly calls with the Wall Street Journal’s senior economics writer, Stephen Moore, webinars with New York Times Best Selling authors, and conference calls with multi-million dollar producers. Finally, WealthVest Marketing is pleased to offer some of the richest rewards in the industry – including lead generation systems, expert coaching, and world-class vacation opportunities, and unique sales meetings. We create a customized website for you that actually drives referrals. Does your current website generate new clients?


Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with offices in San Francisco, California, WealthVest Marketing provides a comprehensive, internal sales force, in conjunction with a nationwide wholesaling team, to provide exceptional support and service.