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Telling is not selling. To be sure, selling involves strong presentation skills, but advisors also need to ask great questions, and then truly hear the client’s answers. For example, most people don’t like to buy insurance, but they like what insurance provides: freedom from worry. Clients buy what they want, but they must be sold what they need. As a result, products that need to be sold provide greater compensation to the advisor, and your clients need insurance. So let’s examine some great questions to help open conversations:

“Don’t you wish it was easier to find the right insurance products?” The answer is always a resounding “yes.” And the next step is to position the bank as a logical place to buy insurance. After all, banks offer products and services that provide safety and security.

“Does it make sense to consider different ways to guarantee that you reach your financial objectives?” This question leads to discussions of life insurance, fixed or variable annuities, long term care and any other insurance need.

“Would it make sense to be able to review your insurance needs at the same time you make banking and investment decisions?" Clients love convenience; give it to them.

When you craft selling questions, make sure to structure the question in a way that leads to a “yes.” People love to say yes. The fact that you ask questions and listen to their answers will get, and keep, them engaged.


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