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While we continue to squabble over Judge Vinson’s now-weeks old ruling, life goes on.

A judge in D.C. tossed out another suit against PPACA – hey, at least we’re getting geographically close to the Supreme Court. This suit actually challenged, among other things, the individual mandate on religious grounds, insisting that refusing health insurance remains a religious right.

Leaving that alone (because, honestly, don’t we have enough to argue about without bringing God into it?), if you’re keeping score, we’re up to 3-2, with the Democrat appointees all upholding while both the rulings against came from the benches of Republican appointees. What, you think I wouldn’t notice?

Speaking of which, have you heard the upper Midwest has exploded over state budgets and collective bargaining rights? And while some have made the offensive claim that Wisconsin is the next Egypt or Libya – without the elaborate wardrobe – I’m pretty sure the tanks in northern Africa are in much better shape than the National Guard Jeeps up north.

And while I might take issue with just how “evil” unions are, Gov. Walker deserves credit for tackling the tough issues. The simple fact of the matter is that states across the country are in at least as bad a shape as the feds (which also means no help is forthcoming on that front either). In times like these, everyone needs to give a little more while settling for a little bit less in return.

The response has been epic in its reactionary – almost mythical – hysteria. State workers transformed overnight into the Bizarro Tea Party, complete with misspelled protest signs. But the oddest twist for me has been the exodus of more than a dozen Democrats, who’ve fled the state to deny the legislature a quorum.

I’m sorry, but isn’t that their damn job? They’re still collecting paychecks, aren’t they? I’m pretty sure if I left the state without telling my boss or co-workers, I’d lose my job in just a few days, yet these irresponsible, cowardly lawmakers continue to huddle around room service somewhere in suburban Illinois.

Hardly the freedom fighters we’re seeing take to the streets in the Middle East.
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