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Is it me or are we suffering through a killer hangover without even the benefit of a blackout bender from the night before?

One minute we’re arguing over the debt limit and the next we wake up with a tiger in the bathroom. Our credit rating’s downgraded, a bear market’s growling at the door while the Beltway hubris rages on.

(I know I’m veering off again, but this story’s too big to ignore – even though the banks we swore were too big to fail would now laugh us out of the loan offices we helped pay for.)

Now the Republicans blame the Democrats, the Dems blame the Tea Party, and the Tea Party cheers our financial fall from grace, somehow snatching a political victory from the jaws of defeat. (And does anyone remember actually electing this tyrannical minority?)

The president, meanwhile, wades through a tepid speech aimed at lifting our economic spirits. And so now even our master orator of a chief executive has faded to black -- along with any hint of his leadership.

The reality of our situation sucks, but it’s something we need to face, not unlike the pounding headache and morning-after nausea that greets so many Las Vegas mornings. Thanks to both Bush and Obama, we’ve rung up a massive bill. And Vinny from the club is on the line. It’s time to pay up, so we can get back to the business of leading again. Because I’m way too old to learn Chinese.
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