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I like to tinker around the garage and the house, whether it’s patching some drywall in the basement or replacing the brake pads on my Jeep. I’ve lost more than a few weekends with my father-in-law, taking out a bathtub, replacing the shocks or building a garden bed from a handful of bolts and some two-by-sixes.

Throughout all of these do-it-yourself adventures, one thing remains constant: the job will always take longer than you think. Why? I don’t know, but it’s some kind of mechanical Murphy’s Law, where whatever you’re trying to fix or replace is either in worse shape than you expected, you picked up the wrong part for the job, or you need a different tool entirely. Happens every time.

Health care reform’s starting to look like that. Remember how we heard things are gonna get bad under health care reform? Well, turns out it could be a lot worse. A new survey from the experts over at McKinsey Quarterly reveals employer-based health insurance takes the biggest hit – the biggest, in fact, since their rise to prominence more than 60 years ago.

In 2014, when the last big chunk of the law’s provisions kick in, employers are expected to drop their health plans faster than Timberlake dates. Which is funny because, while the Congressional Budget Office stands by their earlier estimate of a 7 percent dip in employer-sponsored insurance, the McKinsey survey shows that closer to 30 percent of employers are likely to drop plans after 2014.

But, again, just like when you get the tires off, things get worse. Among employers actually aware of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, that number jumps to more than half. So, anyone want to look under the hood next? Or should be just sell it off for scrap?
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