Mini-med tidal wave

By Denis Storey


How many waves make a goodbye? I can’t help but ask after seeing the latest batch of mini-med waivers fly out of Secretary Sebelius’ office. Not that you’d seen anything about it in the papers or even on Fox News.

In fact, the number of waivers more than doubled in just the last three weeks alone, bringing the grand total up to 222 at last count, including such marquee company names as Universal Orlando and Pancake House.

By the way, you can find the official Department of Health and Human Services list right here.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not railing against the waivers. They’re honestly the only thing between coverage and nothing for hundreds of thousands of Americans. An odd result considering how Pelosi touted how many more people this landmark legislation was supposed to cover.

And I was more than a little surprised at how many unions actually appear on this growing list.

But I digress. The question all these waivers brings to mind is if we need to make so many exceptions for this obscure provision of the health care reform law, should we have even passed it to being with?