Health reform leftovers gone bad

By Denis Storey


The hits just keep on comin’.

Just in time for the holidays, we find another fresh nugget of coal in the ever-evolving health care reform law. Is it me or does this legislation have more surprises than Aunt Melva’s fruitcake?

The Washington Post reports the Department of Health and Human Services is proposing yet another new rule. And you thought we were making up all the “Secretary shall decide…” stuff tucked into every nook and cranny of this law? Hardly.

Anyway, insurers next year will be required to justify rate increases greater than 10 percent to the department. Not that HHS could legally do anything in response to said increases, but apparently they’d just like to be looped in on the memos.

And never mind that this infringes (or at least threatens) the individual states’ purview in the area. Not unlike the recent net neutrality debacle, this is clearly an administration that wants it both ways. They really want some kind of supervision of carrier rates, but they really want to leave all the heavy lifting to the woefully underfunded state governments.

It’s probably the single greatest reason I resist the notion that this administration wants to “take over” health care in this country. It’s way too much work for them.