Midterm hangover

By Denis Storey


You wouldn’t believe the blog I wrote last night. It had all the drama of a tea party protest with all the comedy of a Joe Biden fundraiser. I’m telling you, it sung. Course, it could have been the scotch.

But in the cold light of day, while some states are still sorting through ballots (handwritten or otherwise), I can’t help but wonder whether all this reading of tea leaves is worth the breath we waste on it.

The president won a pretty convincing electoral victory two years ago, and the Democrats waved their “mandate” proudly. Now we’re all left scratching our heads and wondering what the hell happened. (And, hindsight being a little sharper, I’m pretty sure we were voting against the Bush administration as much as — if not more — for the Obama one.)

Now here we are, ready to throw the bums out again because we’ve already forgotten the last major election. And this morning (and for weeks to come) we’ll all talk about how the Republicans have a mandate now to repeal health care reform, stop the spending and shore up our borders. And, frankly, this midterm bloodbath is as much a statement against Obama, Pelosi and Reid as it is an endorsement of any other ideologue.

(Between you and me, no matter how bad this reform bill is, there’s no way it’s getting repealed. Spending’s already fallen dramatically – with AIG only the latest to faithfully repay its debt and our borders remain as tattered as they were four years ago.)

I’ll bet my next paycheck we’ll be having a similar conversation two years from now. See, we forget how thin the margin is that separates Democrats from Republicans, when, at the end of the day, they’re all politicians. In fact, I’d argue anyone who wants to actually run for office should be immediately disqualified.

Now that’s a platform I can support.