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Katherine Vessenes seems to have hit on something with her article, “The professional bio.”

The article stresses that even the small things can have a big impact. She explains that something as simple as sending out a well-written single-page bio to new prospecs before you meet with them can help break the ice heading into your first face-to-face.
Among other things, it helps answer many of the questions that normally take up so much of an interview. It also helps to build a sense of trust for the prospects and takes the pressure off of you during the sales process.
Katherine also suggests including a professional, four-color photo; well-written copy that doesn’t degenerate into self-serving or pompous language; and an eye-catching headline.
She even gives you hints about specific types of paper you should use— talk about thorough!
But judging by the numberous forum posts we’ve received in the months since it was originally posted, the most valuable piece of the article is Katherine’s offer to provide information on biography writers as well as a sample of her own bio. Be sure to join the throng and take advantage of this valuable offer.
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