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This month, I’m going to be posting some quick interviews with various experts and authors on the site. Recently, I asked our Trends in Insurance and P&C expert, Andrew Barile, a few questions about the state of the insurance industry. Andrew's articles have been published in various insurance trade journals, and he is a frequent lecturer at seminars throughout the United States. Here's what he had to say.

ProducersWEB: What is your favorite thing about working in the industry?
Andrew Barile: The many challenges it has to offer.
PW: What is your least favorite thing?
AB: When consuulting clients do not follow my strategic advice.
PW: What advice would you offer to producers who are struggling to stay afloat?
AB: Reach out to experienced strategic advisors who have experience in order to navigate through these waters.
PW: What’s your reaction to the ongoing controversy over insurance companies' executive bonuses?
AB: CEOs do not need advice on bonuses from the masses.
PW: Do the words “increased regulation” keep you up at night?
AB: No. Increased regulation has been discussed for 35 years, but the industry always overcome this challenge.
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