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It’s no secret that it’s been a disastrous couple of years in the investment world. The industry has been faced with a steady barrage of negativity and panic, and so have your clients and prospects. It can be daunting to continually stare into the face of so much pessimism and maintain a calm, professional manner. Yet it’s our job to continue to represent our industry in the best possible light and remain knowledgeable about the latest solutions and strategies. And no matter your specific area of expertise, our authors and experts have you covered.

In Roccy DeFrancesco’s recent article, “IRA-pension rescue using cash-value life insurance,” he offers the latest on the 75 percent tax-trap and Pension-IRA Rescue. He also discusses how recent trends have made pension rescue more important than ever.
In Bill Bachrach’s timely “How do you establish trust?,” he asks, in the wake of Madoff and other recent industry debacles, how do your clients and prospects know you or your money managers aren’t stealing their money?
The Dangerous W” by Karlan Tucker, provides a sobering look at a potential W-shaped recovery. Is it safe to come out of hiding and put some money back into the market?
And as always, SPIA expert Joe Bellersen is keeping a close eye on the annuity market. In “SPIA secure retirement income,” he explains why SPIAs create foundations for secure retirement income and can repair damaged retirement income plans. Think that topic will come up any in the next few years?
People are scared, angry and disillusioned and it’s up to us to provide them with answers and reassurance. Be sure to remain knowledgeable in a wide range of topics in order to maintain your position as the go-to source for those who are so desperately seeking answers.
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