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What top retirement concerns do your clients have? Do you find that the same issues arise once and again?  A 2006 report from LifeCare ®, Inc. indicated that the top concerns were as follows:


  ·         ·         Finances -- 59 percent
  ·         ·         Health -- 17 percent
  ·         ·         Staying independent and physically active -- 14 percent
  ·         ·         How I will spend my time -- 6 percent
  ·         ·         Being alone -- 2 percent
  ·         ·         Where I will live -- 1 percent
  ·         ·         Other -- 1 percent

Do you think the concerns are the same today, in nearly 2010? How many of the issues above do you hear time and again? How do you react? Leave your experiences below to see whether producers like you all have to answer the same questions, and which responses are the most appropriate.


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