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Recently, health care has taken an even more prominent place in the public eye, as President Obama continues to devote enormous amounts of time to health care reform. There is no shortage of opinion on the matter within the industry (or outside of it for that matter).

Obviously, the issue is near and dear to ever American, and remains a political hot point, as well. Recently, a Washington Post/ABC News survey found that since April, President Obama’s approval rating on the issue of health care reform has fallen from 57 percent to 49 percent.
Debates and arguments often surround the universal health care aspect of the plan. Over and over, I hear things like, “We don’t want to end up with a health care system like Canada.” In fact, the outright hostility has even spread to Congress, with Texas GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert recently saying “I know enough about Canadian health care, and I know this bureaucratic, socialized piece of crap they have up there…” He went on to claim that “1 in 5 people have to die because they went to socialized medicine.” Whether we agree with him or not, such inane commentary adds nothing of worth to the debate.
Recently, I’ve come across several pieces broaching the subject; both decrying common myths about our neighbors to the north and detailing some pluses and minuses of both systems. While emotional rants are becoming all-too-common these days, it seems wiser to continue to bolster our opinions with as much information as we can, so we can remain productive and effective in our discussions.
Be sure to read these pieces, which at the very least offer perspectives from people who have experience with both systems, and detail various repercussions of the ongoing debate.
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