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I was a little surprised to read a recent poll stating that the majority of Americans are receptive to the idea of increased government influence over health care if it means a reduction in cost and better coverage.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll found that 63 percent of respondents would favor an increase in federal influence over health care plans if it translated into lower costs and more coverage, while 36 percent opposed the idea.
Also, a little more than 60 percent of Americans said they believe the government should guarantee health care for all Americans, versus 36 percent who opposed the idea.
Another question involved the concept of raising taxes in order to improve health care for every American, with 47 percent favoring the idea and an equal number opposing it, even if it meant not providing health care for all Americans.
It will not come as a shock when I tell you that opinions were starkly split down party lines, with the majority of Democrats supporting increased government influence and just one-quarter of Republicans favoring the idea.
Of course, these are tough and often very personal beliefs and decisions. Many in the industry oppose government control and there is no shortage of arguments on both sides. Just one first-hand experience either way can erase years of arguments and counter-arguments.  This promises to remain an enormous topic in our country for years and probably decades to come.  
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