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As you’re no doubt aware, opinions continue to fly about health care reform. Often, things get pretty tense when the subject comes up and thoughtful discussions quickly degenerate into name-calling and emotional rants, but Janet Trautwein recently wrote two articles that are both well-thought-out and manage look at the issue from some different angles.

In “Getting health reform right,” she stresses the importance of taking our time with health care reform, rather than rushing to push through legislation that will ultimately be unsustainable. Specifically, she cites concerns that some of the provisions in current versions of legislation will dramatically increase the cost of coverage due to a narrow rating structure.
She also points out issues that both Republicans and Democrats have with the bill, some welcome perspective amidst the usual partisan diatribes.
In her more recent article, “State budgets will suffer because of public plan,” Janet says that if health care reform includes a “public option,” it could have the unforeseen effect of wreaking havoc on state budgets that are already struggling in the wake of the recent financial crisis.
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