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Paul Wilson

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My wife and I have recently been shopping for life insurance. We decided to go through the same company that currently insures our cars and home, but it wasn’t long before we soured a bit on the whole process.

To begin with, we sent an e-mail to our agent requesting a quote for a specific amount of life insurance. Due to a busy schedule and the various complications that come with raising young kids, we made it clear that it would be very difficult for us to meet face-to-face. We had already received advice from people we trusted and felt completely comfortable with our decisions. All we needed was a price.
Several days later, we received a reply from our agent, asking if we would rather meet at his office or in our home. We reiterated our preference to conduct the process through e-mail and waited another few days for his reply. Eventually he said he was out of town and promised he would send us a quote when he returned. Apparently to reiterate his point, he sent us the exact same e-mail several hours later.
Even worse, (at least in my mind) each e-mail we received was written completely in lower case, with misspellings and abbreviations scattered throughout. I suppose that’s okay when you’re a teenager texting your friends, but when you’re conducting business, is it too much to expect some professionalism?  I realize this might not bother everyone as much as me, but is the shift key really that hard to reach?
In the long run, we’ll probably still end up going with him because the products themselves are good and we feel like we’re getting a good deal, but it’s an important reminder of how little things can create a bad impression. If we were trying to decide between two companies or were already unhappy with our current agent, such a bad impression could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
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