Has the tide finally turned?Blog added by Paul Wilson on June 26, 2009
Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

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Just reading the headlines these days can be a confusing experience.  Often, in a single day, you will see blatantly conflicting reports on current trends in the economy. For example, this week I read some very positive stories about jumps in consumer sentiment and an overall rise in consumer spending, both considered hopeful signs that the recession is nearing its end. 

On the other hand, according to analysis by Mint.com, Americans are continuing to cut but back on spending, a sign that they still aren’t convinced the worst is over.
On top of that, there has been a steady stream of analysts predicting severe inflation, deflation and everything in between.
So what’s it gonna be? Is the ship finally beginning to right itself or is the recent smattering of good news just an aberration?  Are unprecedented moves by the Obama administration making a difference or is the economy just following its natural course?


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