Good question

By Paul Wilson

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Ed Morrow’s most recent article is titled “Can Americans no longer afford insurance?” Basically, it’s Mr. Morrow’s valiant effort to look at a series of complicated and often contrasting statistics and data about the current state of the life insurance industry and make some sense out of it.

Among other things, Morrow examines the trend of steadily declining sales in both new premiums  and  the number of contracts issued. While admitting that there’s no single solution, Morrow does offer several reasons for the slide and even takes a stab at some possible solutions. He makes suggestions on an industry-wide scale as well as including steps that can be taken by individuals within the industry.
He explains why this issue is so important, both to those in the industry and to the nation as a whole. He also offers a bevy of institutions that need your support in their continuing battle to keep life insurance in the public eye. Be sure to read this excellent article today!