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By: Nick Murray

Nick Murray Company Incorporated, November 1, 1996 - 405 pages

Through the eyes of two Guerrilla Marketers, this book shows you Guerrilla Marketing ideas to help you build your business and make more as a financial advisor than you ever thought possible. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the highly successful Guerrilla Marketing series of books has teamed up with financial advisor consultant and coach Grant W. Hicks, CIM, FCSI , to uncover all aspects of marketing for financial advisors. This work is a collection of fourteen years of researching and testing the best ideas for financial advisors. Grant's educational website has additional resources to help any advisor at any level become more successful. This easy to read book will be an abundance of resources advisors need to dramatically change and grow their business. Inside you will find nine chapters including samples and templates to help build your business. The following is a chapter summary that will take the reader through forty business and marketing ideas, principles and examples that have been used successfully and step by step on how to apply them to your business. 1. Build a Better Business and Marketing Plan 2. Getting New Clients from Outside Sources 3. Getting New Clients from Internal Marketing 4. Welcoming New Clients 5. Wowing Clients 6. Mastering Service for All Clients 7. Taking Your Business to the Next Level 8. Marketing Principles for Financial Advisors 9. Guerrilla Marketing Tools and Marketing Action Plan Worksheets If you want to be a successful advisor in your market and improve your client service levels, then Guerilla Marketing For Financial Advisors is your marketing blueprint. It is time for advisors to take action.

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