The Journey, the Evolution of a Financial AdvisorResourceBook added by Paul Wilson on February 5, 2013
By: Ken Doyle

July 11, 2011 - 168 pages

Have you ever wanted to be inspired by your profession? Can you remember a time when you were viscerally excited about getting to the office and being of service to your clients? Would you like to be? The Journey: An Evolution of a Financial Advisor was written by Ken Doyle, the founder of Getting Results Coaching, one of the top business coaching firms working with financial advisors. The tale begins with Adam Arbor, a former college football player who had always identified with his size, being brutally beaten by an old mysterious man named Shane Tavaar. It is in the excitement of that combat that a story unfolds of the wondrous effect of the relationship between a student and teacher. As Shane Tavaar says, “Don't be under the illusion that I was here accidentally.” As a reader, don't be under the illusion that this tome has made it your hands or eyes accidentally. Lessons learned in this world can be brutal at times, as it was for Adam Arbor. Or, they can be handed down more gently from those who experienced them bravely. It is the intent of this tale to gently pass the brutal lessons from those who have experienced them, onto you. These lessons are timeless and can be applied to any business profession. However, if you are a financial advisor, these words of wisdom will ring eerily true for you. Although this story is a fable, much of it is based on the real life experiences of the author and his clients. Ken has worked with real life 'Adams' in his world and he has felt compelled to share these experiences with you. Although the names and circumstances have changed, the fundamental teachings were actually experienced. Ken invites you to engage in a wily tale which will change the course of your business if you allow it.

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