Mastering Insurance MarketingInsurance Marketing Is Changing DramaticallyResourceBook added by Paul Wilson on February 5, 2013
By: Seth Kravitz and Lev Barinskiy and Matt Wilson

August 10, 2010 - 194 pages

Insurance marketing is changing rapidly. It's critical that you not only stay on top of the latest insurance marketing tools available to you, but that you constantly push to revamp your existing practices. Mastering Insurance Marketing talks about specific marketing and sales techniques used by successful insurance agents across the country to grow their agencies. Using the customers of as a base of knowledge to pool ideas from, the book covers real-world insurance marketing techniques used by captive and independent agents to not only increase sales, but to also increase retention rates. Discover how traditional marketing is no longer effective. Learn about how social media is having a large impact on insurance marketing. Learn about new techniques for increasing referrals from existing customers. Hear about interesting new twists on increasing customer retention. In-depth coverage of lead management systems and how they work for you. Learn techniques on how to make internet leads profitable. Find out how successful agents deal with objections during the sales process.'s detailed guide to closing on the phone and in person. Read about several new techniques to improve your follow-up process. Mastering Insurance Marketing is designed to serve as a guide to making the transition from old traditional ways of insurance marketing such as cold calls, the phonebook, radio and TV, door-door, flyers, and direct mail to embracing the new modern ways of marketing.

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